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Linda Ikeji


After graduation, Ikeji started blogging in 2006 and she later became an article blogger in 2007. Apparently, she gained recognition in 2014 where she was the biggest Google Search trend in Nigeria. Yeah! Consistency, we said it is the quality of achieving a level of performance that doesn’t vary greatly in quality over time. Linda Ikeji kept focused and strived to be great regardless of the palimpsest circumstances.


Another thing I learned is to be committed to whatever you do. Hey! Folks, no matter the thing you do either as a living(occupation) or any means of making money and you’re not devoted to it, it will definitely fold up and one might probably lose interest. At the start, She thought her success would come from publishing a printed magazine but didn’t work and she made blogging her hobby. I would say “Whatever thing you know how to do better, make it your hobby”


What you want to become in life depends on the utilization of your creativity. I’ve seen many people who have resources but just waiting for something bigger, and all they keep saying is “no job’. A creative man is always motivated by the desire to achieve, and not by the desire to follow what others are doing or to beat others. Mind you, there’s no crime in trying something different. Updating people by sending the latest news, giving
inspirational video talks or sessions and being creative in your own unique ways can fetch you income.
I believe that not everyone would be a Lawyer, Banker, Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, etc. In most cases, we’ve had a lot of stories of people who studied for example Engineering in an institution but in the long run, switched to becoming a public speaker, it’s called Talent, uniqueness, or creativity.


Life is all about evolution, what looks like a mistake today, years after years of experiences might later turn out to be a cake. Ikeji’s blog was shut down on 8th October 2014 but restored on 10th October 2014 around midnight by Google for undisclosed reasons. This scenario implies a lesson to her and ever since then, nothing similar has happened. Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually, when we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience it proves to be of great worth.


Even though an individual is committed to whatever he/she does, if he/she is not ready to spend or sacrifice, achieving the set objectives might seem difficult. Furthermore, if the fund isn’t enough, then look for friends, and loved ones: get a loan, find people who inspire you, and trade the stories.