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Paul Fokam Kamogne

Resilience at its Best Business in Cameroon Magazine reports that His latest achievement dates back to October 2019 when he secured the license for launching Afriland First Bank Uganda Limited. This is the 11th subsidiary of the banking group whose Cameroonian branch reported a total balance sheet of more than XAF1,159 billion for last year.

Paul Kammogne Fokam has succeeded in building a true financial and industrial empire whose pumping heart is Afriland First Bank, an institution that rivals foreign lenders in every market where it is present. In Cameroon, the businessman employs thousands of people, in various sectors, ranging from insurance to capital investment, cellulose transformation, and real estate, to name a few.

Ranked by Forbes as the second richest person in the French-speaking part of sub-Saharan Africa, Paul Kammogne also founded MC2, Cameroon’s second-largest microfinance network, which he recently stopped managing. He has become in the framework of the China Africa Development Fund (CADFUND) one of the main promoters of Chinese investments in Africa. Truly, he is the only person allowed to submit to the Chinese Fund any project, private or public, initiated by an African country.
Though in a tough country in terms of economy and political unrest, this Businessman has remained standing with such TENACITY and ZEAL we must all learn from.

Hire The Best People. His empire keeps growing because, at the top of the operation chain, he has the best talent and professionals. Apart from the fact that they work for him, he encourages them to keep growing professionally which accounts for one of the secrets of the success of Afriland Bank.

Be Persistent: A visionary Entrepreneur or business person knows that whether the tides are high or low, he must keep going. Mr. Fokam is never wavered by the socio-political or economic events in the country. His many businesses have recorded a curious stability over the years as his operations are not influenced by tides and seasons but by the implementation of his vision.