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Tony Elumelu

Networking/Economic ties

People do business with people they are comfortable with, and nations with economic ties do not go to war. This is perhaps one of the most powerful secrets behind Pan-African unity. As long as we don’t try to exploit ourselves for gain; because Nations have waged wars because of Economic ties.

Build Confidence

In examining, this Documentary on Tony Elumelu, I easily spotted how self-confidence helped him gain his first job with the now-obsolete Allstate Bank. He had a firm belief that he could make a success out of any position he was placed in. Perhaps he gained confidence from his home training, or from the kind of book she exposed himself to, or from his educational background. Build your confidence; however, you can. You’d need it when you pitch to investors or new customers. Confidence is attractive. It makes a lot of difference in your countenance, and per the law of attraction, your energy affects the people around you.

Exponential Growth

At 27, Tony Elumelu was hired as an entry-level analyst, and in 12 months he grew to become the youngest bank manager. It’s not enough to perform well. Exponential growth requires some level of excellence in your attitude to work.


A vision is an idea, and every idea has a level of potential for success. You need to understand that as a young entrepreneur, your initial idea may metamorphose into something far more significant. Understand that your ideas are essentially a pathway with many twists and turns. Sometimes the initial idea would sprout other opportunities that would never open up if you never dared to take the first risk.

For Tony Elumelu, his position as Manager in UBA at such a significant time in African history gave him access to observe the history economy across the continent.

The power of a dynamic idea is its ability to open up multiple channels. Tony Elumelu “We wanted to democratize banking – at the time, it was an economic, not a social act,” he said during a keynote speech at the Global Philanthropy Forum in Washington, D.C. “But we learned quickly that as we enhanced access to banking, the communities prospered. And as the communities prospered, we also did. The lesson for us is that, indeed, corporations can do well and do good simultaneously. If you integrate both, it can create even more wealth.” -Next Billion

United Bank for Africa grew its business by offering banking services to customers that other banks refused to work with. The bank opened 1,000 branches across Africa and expanded into nineteen countries. One village, according to Elumelu, wanted so much for UBA to open in their community that villagers offered to donate a house for the bank’s local operations. As UBA grew, Elumelu became convinced that corporations had the power to create profits, economic change, and social change all at the same time. He also saw the impact that an initial $5 million investment had across Africa and began to compare this to the impacts of the millions of dollars of aid that flood into the continent every month.

A Lesson on Capitalism

Africapitalism is an economic philosophy that embodies the private sector’s commitment to the economic transformation of Africa. This transformation will be made through investments that create both economic prosperity and social wealth. Private sector entrepreneurs and capital will be the key to developing Africa.

Risk and Reliance

“Africa is a land of opportunity. Challenges exist in Africa, but we also have a huge return on investment” Elumelu said during a TIME 100 Talks discussion with contributor Kim Dozier. “There’s no better time to make that bet than the time we live in.”Time Magazine I don’t know what piques your interest in Tony; it could be fame, wealth, charisma, or all of it. But I can assure you that there’s no new secret to greatness, there are simple truths you don’t know or know but don’t apply. I’d urge you to take a closer look at these lessons.